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Earth Day 2016

Lake Worth Earth Day 2016 event
happening on Saturday, April 16th
We may be showing one of the shorter
Sonnets of the Soil for free in the
Downtown Lake Worth Annex Bldg.
Stay tuned for more information!

Symphony of the Soil final 11.6

If you grow things, heck, if you EAT, you'll want to seeSymphony of the Soil!This 2013 documentary from award winning filmmaker and Palm Beach county native Deborah Koons Garcia will be screened in Palm Beach County for the first timeNovember 17, 3-6 PMat Muvico Parisian, Cityplace, West Palm Beach.


Brought to you byGray Mockingbird Community Garden andEcoArt South Florida, this inspirational film, which has garnered numerous awards already, connects the dots between the health of our soil, food security, and personal, national and global well-being. The screening will be followed by a Q and A session with Ms. Garcia and local soil and organic gardening expert Dr. John Zahina-Ramos. Information will also be available regarding development of a new community compost-growing facility currently in planning stages, necessary since the Palm Beach County Solid Waste Authority will be discontinuing their provision of free compost to county community gardens and backyard gardeners as of 2014.


Tickets are $10 in advance and $15 at the door for adults. The price for children under 12 in the company of an adult is $6 in advance and $8 at the door. You may register for the screening event and buy tickets in advance at:


Whether you are an enthusiastic individual or a dedicated organization, we also hope you will want to help by cosponsoring or cohosting this outstanding event!


Cosponsors are financial backers and underwriters. We will acknowledge your generous support in the film screening program according to the level of your donation.


Cohosts are those who provide probono contributions, including especiallyrecruiting people to attend.We have a large number of seats to fill (450!!), so all of us, presenters, cosponsors and cohosts must do our utmost to get folk out for the event.


All funds over and above expenses will be contributions to Gray Mockingbird Community Garden to support its work to develop a model educational composting facility on the garden site in Lake Worth, and their work to develop a long term composting solution for community gardens and backyard gardeners to replace the compost that has been available from the PBC Solid Waste Authority which is phasing out this service in 2014.


Why is it really important to attend this special screening? Here are some reasons you can pass along to your friends and colleagues to encourage them to come.


  • Because you will learn what makes soil healthy and how you, in the simple act of composting your organic waste and using it in your own gardens, are tipping the balance in favor of nature.

  • Because it will make you aware of how your actions to restore our soil are not only good for your health, but in the national and global interest.

  • Because it will connect you to a community of people who are as passionate as you about saving an essential natural resource.

  • Because, as of 2014, free compost from the PBC Solid Waste Authority will no longer be available, and we need to create a sustainable alternative.

  • Because, as Thomas Jefferson said: Civilization itself rests upon the soil.


For more information and to see the trailer:


We look forward to learning if you wish to sponsor or host this screening, and to seeing you at Muvico Parisian onNovember 17th!


Brian Kirsch                                                                      Mary Jo Aagerstoun